Preppers UK: Surviving Armagedon
Preppers UK: Surviving Armagedon

Preppers UK: Surviving Armagedon

The precautionary prowess of the British is proudly on display in this programme which proves that the wonder of apocalyptic wariness isn’t purely an American phenomenon. Civil unrest, financial chaos and natural disasters are everyday news – and, whether it involves survivalists stockpiling away in Surrey or completely upping sticks and moving to Slovakia, Preppers UK: Surviving Armageddon features British preppers who’ve armed themselves with much more than just a stiff upper lip. In Surrey, Royston is preparing for the aftermath of a solar flare and hosts a radio show for fellow preppers. Over in Buckinghamshire, tree surgeon Malcolm explains how he prepares for disaster by sampling the local wildlife – he has feasted on squirrel, rabbit, magpie, and even tried ant eggs! ....

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Stephen Mangan

Director: Malcolm Donkin


Country: United Kingdom

Release: 2012-11-29

Duration: 55 Min

Quality: SD

Rating: 0