Mystery Of Time – Alan Watts
Mystery Of Time – Alan Watts

Mystery Of Time – Alan Watts

In this segment, Alan Watts speaks to us about the nature of god.

About Alan Watts:

Alan Watts was among the first to interpret Eastern ideologies for a Western audience. Born outside of London in 1915,  he discovered a nearby Buddhist lodge in his youth.  Upon moving to the United States in 1938, Alan became an Episcopal priest and then relocated to Millbrook, New York, where he wrote his pivotal book The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety. He moved to San Francisco in 1951 where he began teaching Buddhist studies, and in 1956 began his popular radio show “Way Beyond the West.” By the early sixties, Alan’s radio talks aired nationally and the counterculture movement adopted him as a spiritual spokesperson. He wrote and traveled regularly until his passing.

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