Hilight Tribe - Live in India
Hilight Tribe - Live in India

Hilight Tribe - Live in India

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At the dawn of a new era, Hilight Tribe crosses borders with its 100% explosive Trance Live Natural unleashing dance floors around the world

For the past decade HilightTribe has been touring the world with  their Live Natural Trance performance.They deliver a dynamic  message of Peace, Unity and Positive Vibes between people and cultures. 'LIVE IN INDIA' is an open invitation to discover Hilight Tribe in their travels around the sub continent. Based in Goa between the concerts, each member of the Tribe shares his dreams, 

 visions and hopes. Follow the band in a musical and cultural adventure covering places and scenes that have rarely been filmed before ! Have you ever been to an event fusing Grateful Dead Vibes, a Shamanic Ceremony and a Rave Party ? Well sit back and  join "The Tribe" on a ride away from routine and Babylon Life ! 

You'll discover the ups and inevitably the downs encountered during the trip and how the members of Hilight Tribe face these challenges throughout this first India Tour !!

Directors Gwen Le Bras and Bruno Pellarin hereby offer us a fantastic immersion in the universe of these Natural Trance pioneers!

Enjoy, let yourself go and pleeeease pass it on!!!

Performed by Hilight Tribe

Directed by Gwen Lebras and Bruno Pellarin

Produced by Kosmik Hoboes

Manager - Cassandra Purdy

Music Mixed by Bansi GMS

Sound edited by Mathias Duroy

Video edited by Allan Chung

Mastered by Elektra Studios

Eng.Subs : Cassandra Purdy

Txt encoding: Allan Chung

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Genre: Documentary , Music





Release: 2021-02-02

Duration: 52 Min

Quality: SD

Rating: 0