Chomsky & Cie
Chomsky & Cie

Chomsky & Cie

At a time when powerlessness and resignation carry the day, Noam Chomsky's work is a radical antidote for all those who want to put an end to the factory of powerlessness and its intellectual media star watchdogs. Theoretician of language, born in Philadelphia in 1928, Noam Chomsky revolutionized linguistics with the "generative grammar." But Chomsky is also a political analyst involved in all political struggles for decades. His clear analysis and rational ideological mechanisms of our societies is a crucial resource for critical thinking today.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Noam Chomsky

Director: Olivier Azam , Daniel Mermet

Writer: Daniel Mermet


Release: 2008-11-26

Duration: 112 Min

Quality: SD

Rating: 0